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Quality Refinishing of Countertop, Bathtub, Tile and Cabinet Surfaces.

Your Refinishing Experts!

Serving the Puget Sound for the past 10 years, Surface Renew takes pride in providing you with the very best quality and service in the industry. Surface Renew technicians are experienced in all aspects of refinishing. Resurfacing gives you the opportunity to update your apartments for the fraction of the price of replacement, saving you time and money. Surface Renew can help you achieve a look that contributes to making any room beautiful.

Bringing Experience to You!

For the last 10 years we have averaged one new tech each year. All of our valued employees are still with us - we've never lost a man.
Every year - each tech is continually improving his and her resurfacing skills. They are getting better and better year by year.
This experience will reflect in the quality of resurfacing you receive on your finished product.

Service Area

Surface Renew provides service in all areas of the Puget Sound. From Everett down to Olympia, Gig Harbor up to Silverdale, and everything in between —we look forward to making you a valued customer.